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Welcome to the TSRA Foundation
Texas Youth Shooting Sports Calendar
The calendar is provided as a resource to assist our Shooting Sports organizers with a centralized location to find events throughout Texas.  
The information contained on the calendar has been provided by gathering information from various organizations, websites, coaches and club leaders.
If you have an event you would like to have included, please send the date, details, event contact and a pdf flyer to Angela Gerlich at the TSRA Foundation.


Information will be posted in a timely manner; however it is NOT guaranteed if less than a week from your event.
All ORGANIZATIONS are welcome to submit information.
This is a resource and you should ALWAYS check with the contact person as some information changes without notice.  Always REVIEW the details carefully.

Youth Ammo Program

The TSRA Foundation is pleased to offer our Texas Youth shooting program community accessibility to order ammunition at a discount and in bulk from any of the below companies.  Ordering is available throughout the year, available exclusively for youth programs and is not for resale.

Please email Angela Gerlich or call 512-426-1329 with questions and or to request ordering information. With inquiries, please include which manufacturer you would like pricing for and if this is for shotgun, rifle or pistol.

General Information:

  • Pricing is available upon request.

  • Mix and Match of ammo is acceptable (shotgun, pistol or rifle)

  • Minimum order is 50 flats/cases

  • Orders are not placed until confirmation of invoice is received from Club contact.

  • Payment in full is due within 15 days of invoicing.

  • If you are tax-exempt, you must include a sales tax exemption certificate.  Otherwise you must pay the state and local sales tax rate based upon the “ship to” address.

  • Orders take an average take 2 weeks for processing to delivery.

  • Rush orders are available; however may incur additional fees and are the responsibility of the club.

  • Delivery to non-residential location of your choice.

  • Club(s) are responsible for additional unloading fees (inside delivery, fork rental, etc.). Make sure your facility can handle receiving pallets (fork).

  • TSRA Foundation has the right to refuse this resource at any time to any requesting entity.