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2016 Carlisle Shotgun Clinic ~ Tillar, AR

In Partnership with the Grand Prairie Educational Shooting Clinics, the TSRA Foundation is proud to be able to provide our Texas Youth with this amazing opportunity again during the summer of 2016.

The TSRA Foundation invites Texas Youth to travel to Delta Resort & Spa in Tillar, Arkansas where Mr. Dan Carlisle will instruct youth shooting clinics. Dan teaches under the Carlisle Academy that uses the knowledge and experience of proven shooting professionals to correctly educate and instruct youth on all shotgun shooting sports, to assist them in achieving their highest level of potential, and to develop lifelong recreational shooters that will responsibly exercise their second amendment and gun ownership rights.

Each participant will receive a shooting manual with information that has taken over 40 years of world class shooting experience to break-down the “Method” that Dan teaches in the easiest ways to learn how to break clay targets. Numerous topics will be covered including:

• Safety • Basic Fundamentals • Equipment needed • The “Method” the right way to break a target • Lead systems • Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays overview • Goal Setting • Mental Routines

Registration is FIRST COME, FIRST REGISTERED basis.

Clinic is open to Texas Youth ages 8 - 18
All Skill Levels
Student package includes:  lodging, meals, ammo, targets, coaches’ fees and printed materials.

Coaches are invited to participate in the classroom and will be given RANGE time with Dan. Coaches are responsible for their own Targets & Ammo expenses.

Parents are invited to participate in the classroom portion during the clinic. 

To Register your child, please fill out the below form and email it to Angela Gerlich

Registration CLOSED

July 28 & 29 / Aug 1 & 2 / Aug 5 & 6

These clinic dates begin at NOON on DAY 1

Day 1 ~     ½ day of Training
Noon – 6 pm ~ CLASS

Day 2 ~     FULL DAY 
                  8 am – 6 pm
                  Depart Delta Resort & Spa

July 30 & 31 / Aug 3 & 4

These clinic dates begin at 8 AM start on DAY 1

Day 1 ~  FULL DAY
8 am - 6 pm ~ CLASS
Day 2 ~  ½ day of Training
               8 am – Noon ~ CLASS
               Depart Delta Resort & Spa

Adult/Chaperone Parent Package

To reserve contact Angela Gerlich at 

King Room $125 (2 person max) per night
Queen Double $135 (4 person max) per night

Buffet Meal Option
Pre-Purchased REQUIRED

A limited menu will be available at each meal; however we encourage the pre-purchase for ease of staff and planning at Delta.

Breakfast $12 per person
Lunch $14 per person
Dinner $22 per person

Prices include all taxes and fees related to the resort; however does not include gratuity.  Cannot be redeemed and is NON-Transferable/Non-Refundable.  Any additional charges will be the responsibility of the Parent/Chaperone.  Students will be placed in a shared room with another student of the same, gender and age, as part of the “Free” student package.  If a parent would like for their child to stay with them, no rooming credits will be applied to their reservation.