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2020 Texas Youth Shotgun State Championship

General Q & A's - Information herein is updated often

Will/Can the Mayor or County Judge cancel the event?
There is NO guarantee that officials may attempt to; however a few facts to note that the Foundation and NSC have reviewed together.

State & Local mandates and as per the Gov’s Executive Order G-28 dated June 26, 2020 & July 2, 2020. See below:

Gov Abbott's Executive Order dated June 26, 2020
Refer to section 1. There is no occupancy limits for the following:
f. recreational sports programs for youths and adults.

Gov Abbott's Executive Order updated July 2, 2020: The outdoor gathering in excess was downsized to "10 people" however the section 5 stated below still remained in the order.

Refer to section 5. For any outdoor gathering in excess of 100 people, other than those set forth above in paragraph numbers 1, 2, or 4, the gathering is prohibited unless the mayor of the city in which the gathering is held, or the county judge in the case of a gathering in an unincorporated area, approves of the gathering, and such approval can be made subject to certain conditions or restrictions not inconsistent with this executive order.


How is this considered an approved WhizBang if this is not a 4H club hosting?
Whizbang is a partnership between TPWD & Agri Life/4H. This event has been approved by Morgan (TPWD personnel) as a qualifier for WhizBang finals.  In order to compete in the Whizbang Finals you must comply with those rules and regulations. 
**If you are not a 4H member and compete in the WhizBang portion of our shoot, you are ONLY eligible for placement at this event.   WhizBang event scores for this Championship will be turned in to Morgan and your "official" points will be issued as per WhizBang finals rules.

Per the posted rules: Whizbang Rules date stamped 9/1/2014 Pulled from rules: A Whiz-Bang Qualifier is a shoot that has been approved by TPWD personnel only.

Fundraising RAFFLE

Cole Fine Guns & Gunsmithing has generously donated a Beretta Cole Pro A400

Raffle tickets are avaliable to pre-purchase by calling Angela at 512-426-1329, at Cole Fine Guns & Gunsmithing shop on Vendor ROW and on-site in registration.

1 ticket for $10 or 6 tickets for $50

If you would like to purchase ahead of time, please contact Angela at 512-426-1329

Winner may choose between a 12ga or 20ga option.

What makes a Cole Pro Gun.  A great deal of effort goes into the enhancement of the action and finish.  A Cole Pro A400 has had its trigger mechanism precisely worked and tuned to give consistent 3.25 pound release and virtually no fail to feed.  The bolt release has been enhanced with a larger button and the bolt is fitted with an enlarged bolt handle or charging handle.   Cole's has also slightly opened the bottom of the receiver to allow for easier loading.  Additionally they usually have the obvious special hydro dipping or cerakoting to achieve virtually any pattern or color one could want.

The TSRA Foundation reserves the right to extend the raffle ticket sales should the reserve not be meet with pre-sales or during the event.  Additional items may be added to the raffle.

Schedule of Events

Squad times are avaliable as first come first served. Register early to get the times you want!

Thursday, July 16
WhizBang - 50 targets

Friday, July 17
WhizBang - 50 targets
Skeet - 100 targets
Sporting Clays- 100 targets

Saturday, July 18
WhizBang - 50 targets

Skeet - 100 targets
Sporting Clays - 100 targets

Sunday, July 19
- 100 targets

Donation & Sponorships

I know it is short notice; however if you or someone you know can assist with donations for prizes or funds, please email Angela Gerlich.  Anything helps and all donations are Tax Deductible.

PayPal Donation Option

Option to donate via online for the 2020 State Youth Shotgun Championship.

COVID Disclaimer

It is the personal responsibility of ALL attendees/participants and guests to determine their risk exposure for this event and voluntarily choose to NOT hold the TSRA Foundation, NSC, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees and/or volunteers liable for possible exposure should it be determined after or during our event that you test positive for COVID-19 .

We are asking and encouraging ALL attendees/participants and guests to assist in "Stopping the Spread" and comply with State Health mandates by:

  • follow a "come compete, then depart" approach (minimize excess activity on-site)
  • Limit spectators
  • Follow all NSC Health & Safety guidelines as posted.
  • Bring personal sanitizer equipment (hand sanitizer, wipes etc.) and personal face coverings.

Current NSC Health & Safety Policy

Face CoveringsRequired by all employees, staff, and guests at all times when inside any NSC Building and also in all common areas when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Temperature Checks - Will be performed when employees, staff or guests enter any building.

Club House / Pro Shop - Will be open with applicable face covering and temperature check rules enforced.

PorchTables will be arranged to maintain social distancing – Maximum seating per table is 6 – face coverings to be worn as applicable.

RegistrationWill be in main registration building with applicable face covering and temperature check rules enforced.

Carts - Will be available for rent – sanitized after each use.

RV - Sites will be available for rent.

WaterThere will be NO water jugs on any fields or courses.

Port-a-potsWill be provided on competition sporting course(s) only – at a minimum, hand sanitizer will be provided – hand washing stations will be provided as available.

CaterWill be open and operating from outside location – all applicable face covering rules will be enforced.

HOTEL Options


TSRA Foundation negotiated rate with the two hotels near the complex.  

Townplace Suites by Marriott San Antonio Westover Hills
$109 a night
10015 Westover Hills Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78251
Located behind the Rudy's BBQ off of HWY 151

Holiday Inn Northwest Sea World
$105 a night
10135 State Highway 151.
San Antonio, TX 78251
Located off of HWY 151

Click Hotel name to go to link!

National Shooting Complex Information

General Information

RV Spots & Cart Rentals may be done by
contacting National Shooting Complex

Reservations may be made by contacting
RV Information

PRACTICE Information
TRAP Practice Rates ~ $5.75 per 25 targets
Sporting Clays Practice Course Rates ~ $ .43 per target

Vendor Row

The following vendors plan to be open during our event.  Please note that vendors are required to meet all State/City/County mandates as it pertains to businesses.

Cole Fine Guns and Gunsmithing - will have their gunsmith on-site.

Ken Rucker, Speedbump Stockworks - will be there with his trailer for gun fit and stock work.

Sound Guard Custom Hearing Protection - Darrin will be on-site for your hearing protection needs!

Angela Gerlich

Angela Gerlich

TSRA Foundation ~ Exec. Director

Phone: 512-426-1329